About Pottery Junxion

In March 2006, while looking for a shop with a wide variety of bisque, mom, Aura, happened upon Ceramic Warehouse. The owner advised her that he was in the process of selling the business. After some enquiries and discussions the decision was made to buy the business with mom, my husband, Luiz and myself, Rosie as partners. The decision was a hasty one as none of us had any formal ceramic experience but we looked at this as a challenge rather than a pitfall. Mom and I have always been interested and intrigued with different crafts and have done it all, decoupage, mosaic, beading, fabric painting and ofcourse ceramic painting.

After moving over 4000 moulds to our new, but modest, factory premises in Doornfontein, we soon realized that larger factory premises and a retail outlet were desperately required. After expanding the factory to accommodate all our moulds and 3 staff members, we opened our shop in Dowerglen, Edenvale in August 2006.

We have all had to go through a major learning curve and continue to do so daily as the only way to grow our business is to expand our knowledge of the market and the Ceramics industry in general. As a member of Ceramics SA we try to keep our finger on the pulse of the Ceramics industry and to learn and grow wherever we can.

As we are a solely family owned and managed business we pride ourselves in our customer service and ethical standards, and always try and give our customers that personal touch. Eventhough we are always looking for new avenues in which to market our exceptional bisque, no-one is too big or too small for us. From the hobbyist, party organizer, function co-ordinator or retailer we value all our customers, which is evident from the follow-on business which we receive.

From our very humble beginnings to a website and a flourishing business in just over a year, we are very proud, and are extremely excited as to what the future holds for us and this wonderful business of ceramics. We look forward to helping others unleash their creativity and experience personal accomplishment by supplying good quality bisqueware with exceptional detail at a reasonable price.

Here's hoping the future will be a creatively fantastic one for all of us.

Happy Painting
Rosie Lemos

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